The 50 Best Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Customs


Next week, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will begin selling customized kids' Yeezy Boosts through their Kids Supply website. The doodle-style art on the shoes is the work of a 10-year old artist named Harlow, who will personalize each pair with the customers' name.

Harlow and the Kardashian-West family aren't the first people to add a custom touch to the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2. In fact, since its September 2016 launch, the model has been one of the most popular choices for the best customizers in the hobby.  Ahead of next week's release, we scoured Instagram to round up the 50 best Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 customs to date. Scroll down to see the results.

50. Blackout by DavidZ Custom

49. Isaiah Thomas by DavidZ Custom

48. DC Comics by Ceeze

47. Star Wars by True Blue Customs

46. Black/Grey by Carmeno Custom Kicks

45. Bape by Velvet Hoop Customs

44. Floral by Alberto Lou

43. Visual Symphony by Bizon Customs

42. Louis Vuitton x Supreme by Carmeno Custom Kicks

41. Graffiti by Hanzi Custom

40. Red Bape Camo by Garrett Moon

39. Pop Culture by John Born

38. Toy Story by Bizon Customs

37. Black/Yellow by Carmeno Custom Kicks

36. Chicago by Astrotorf Customs

35. Calabasas Home by Mache Custom Kicks

34. Pepto by Name Bran

33. Supreme by Bizon Customs

32. Graduation by Garrett Moon

31. Camo by Carmeno Custom Kicks

30. Flowers by MelonKicks

29. Dragon Ball Z by Hanzi Custom

28. Dragon & Phoenix by Alberto Lou

27. Coloring Book by Garrett Moon

26. Gucci Snake by MelonKicks

25. Saturday Morning by Bizon Customs

24. Warhawk by Velvet Hoop Customs

23. Sky Blue by Carmeno Custom Kicks

22. Bape Camo by Garrett Moon

21. Amethyst by Ceeze

20. Gucci by Carmeno Custom Kicks

19. Peach by Customs by BB

18. True Metal by Karl's Kicks

17. Album Artwork by Bizon Customs

16. La Flame by Just Win Customs

15. Tiffany by Larry Houdini

14. Desert Camo by Garrett Moon

13. Star Wars by Astrotorf Customs

12. Disney & Pixar by Bizon Customs

11. Tiffany Snake by MelonKicks

10. Graduation by Kendra's Customs

9. Kaws by True Blue Customs

8. MBDTG by Bizon Customs

7. Batman & Robin by Carmeno Custom Kicks

6. FrankenYeezy by Ceeze

5. Flowerbomb by Fre Customs

4. Shogun by Ceeze

3. Python by The Shoe Surgeon

2. Calabasas by Mache Custom Kicks

1. Ikea by Mache Custom Kicks

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